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It’s time the Lowcountry

had a seat at the table


Currently, we in the First District don’t have a seat at that table, or even in the room, where real decisions are being made. That is unacceptable. As the most populous and most prosperous congressional district in South Carolina, the constituents in the Lowcountry deserve a member that brings them results.  Grandstanding and false promises won’t bring the First District the resources it needs from Washington. As the leader of a coalition that helped elect President Trump and the sole, citizen lobbyist of a bi-partisan bill, I have the relationships with key decision-makers in Congress to bring the issues of the Lowcountry to the forefront of the legislative process and get real results.

I have called South Carolina and the Lowcountry home for 20 years, and there’s nothing that can make me forget that. In the Palmetto State, we look after each other and we expect our elected officials to do the same for their constituents. When I’m in Congress, nothing will keep me from putting your priorities first. The Lowcountry needs a member of Congress representing their voice and pushing the issues that matter most to them, who will have a seat at the table with the Administration and congressional leadership.