Chris is a conservative leader with a track record for getting results and making a difference on a wide variety of issues. He hasn’t made waves by doing things conventionally, though, and he isn’t a conventional candidate. A chainsaw carving artist by trade, Chris isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty, put in the hard work to truly create change, and is ready to put his skills to use serving the Lowcountry.

In 2013, during the government shutdown the Million Vet March on Washington was announced. Chris realized that, with the Park Service furloughed, war memorials would be left in disarray and was outraged at the thought of veterans arriving to memorials covered in garbage and debris. He immediately left the Lowcountry to the Lincoln Memorial and began single-handedly mowing the lawns, clearing fallen trees, and taking out the trash—while the government remained gridlocked for 16 days.

Chris was determined to stop open-air war memorials from being political pawns again. So, he temporarily relocated to Washington as a full-time, unpaid citizen lobbyist to persuade members of Congress to support his legislation and selling chainsaw carvings on the side to support himself. After nearly two years, Chris successfully secured the bipartisan introduction of H.R. 1836, the Monuments Protection Act, in the 114thCongress.

In the summer of 2015, Chris found himself inspired by then-candidate Trump’s message to Make America Great Again. To support the movement, Chris formed Bikers for Trump and grew this nontraditional coalition to over 300,000 members today that played a key role in President Trump’s election.

After the 2016 election, Chris was able to return full-time to his 20-year home of Mount Pleasant. While he’s continued gearing up Bikers for Trump for 2020, he’s persisted his voluntary lobbying for bipartisan legislation supporting veterans, and has made five separate trips to Israel to build bomb shelters.

Already well acquainted with the legislative process, he will hit the ground running and bring real results to the First District. With Chris representing the Lowcountry, we would also have a powerful ally in President Trump who, on multiple occasions, has publicly recognized and thanked Chris as an individual and Bikers for Trump for their key assistance in his election.

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