Giving the Lowcountry a Seat at the Table

I have called South Carolina and the Lowcountry home for 20 years, and there’s nothing that can make me forget that. In the Palmetto State, we look after each other and we expect our elected officials to do the same for their constituents. When I’m in Congress, nothing will keep me from putting your priorities first. The Lowcountry needs a member of Congress representing their voice and pushing the issues that matter most to them, who will have a seat at the table with the Administration and congressional leadership.

Currently, we in the First District don’t have a seat at that table, or even in the room, where real decisions are being made. That is unacceptable. As the most populous and most prosperous congressional district in South Carolina, the constituents in the Lowcountry deserve a member that brings them results.  Grandstanding and false promises won’t bring the First District the resources it needs from Washington. As the leader of a coalition that helped elect President Trump and the sole, citizen lobbyist of a bi-partisan bill, I have the relationships with key decision-makers in Congress to bring the issues of the Lowcountry to the forefront of the legislative process and get real results.

Public service was always supposed to be just that—a service, not a career. Today, too many politicians only see their elected offices as stepping stones to the next rung on the ladder in their descent into the Swamp. Too many politicians go to D.C. and forget why they’re there and where they came from. They become Swamp creatures, and they forgot their neighbors who sent them there. I never will. In D.C., I’ll fight to pass term limits for members of Congress, to restore integrity to Washington with respect for the Constitution and the American people who entrust them to be their voice. I’ll always stand up for the Lowcountry, and I’ll never forget who I’m fighting for: you.
Since the election of President Trump, the U.S. has seen explosive economic growth and decreases in unemployment rates across all demographics. This has led to incredibly low-levels of joblessness, and prosperity for Americans from all economic and ethnic groups. However, Democrats are determined to cap this success and implement the same disastrous policies of socialism that have led to food shortages, economic collapse, and death among the citizens in countries like Venezuela and Cuba. Despite the overwhelming evidence that this system prevents countries and citizens from prospering, the far-left is determined that the government knows best, and that they should oversee what South Carolinians do to provide for their families. Protecting the success of Americans and the Lowcountry will be my priority as your representative in Congress.
The citizens of the Lowcountry rely on an extensive system of bridges, roads, and other infrastructure that are crumbling equally here and across the country. We deserve, and businesses demand world-class infrastructure to face the challenges and needs of this century. The Democrats promised that infrastructure would be a place they could come together with the President to get things done—instead, they’ve decided to play political games and resist at every step to prevent our roadways from receiving the upgrades they so desperately need. It’s time for comprehensive reforms and measures to be taken that allow America to remain competitive in business for years to come.
I have been horrified to watch states like New York, Illinois, and Virginia enact or attempt to eliminate restrictions on aborting fully-formed babies, up to their moment of birth. I am 100% pro-life, believe that every life is a gift from God, and that we must have legislators who will stand up to those wanting to make infanticide legal in America. I’m not ashamed to uphold the sanctity of life and fight to end the plague of abortion that has ended millions of lives. I’ll work tirelessly in Washington to change the culture of turning a blind eye to killing babies, toward focusing on policies that support mothers, families, and life.
Every day the U.S. homeland, or that of our allies, seem to experience a terrorist attack or see another war break out. To combat this, we must ensure that America is as protected as possible from attacks, both foreign and domestic, by providing our law enforcement and intelligence agencies with all means necessary to prevent harm to our citizens. The United States of America has been, and continues to be, the single greatest force encouraging democracy and freedom across the world. As this power, we must ensure we have representatives in government willing to stand up to rogue nations, like Iran, and take on regimes that violate human rights and threaten our security. At the same time, however, we must focus our efforts to ensure our citizens and homeland are as protected as possible. To do this, our military must be funded at the levels required to deter our enemies and prove the U.S. will be an unrelenting force for good and freedom across the globe. Without representatives that are willing to demonstrate their dedication to this cornerstone, the U.S. will be sentenced to an ever-decreasing position in world power—a circumstance I will not allow as the representative for the Lowcountry in Congress.
As caravan after caravan of illegal alien’s flood toward our southern border, it’s time that Congress gets behind the President and puts protecting the American people ahead of partisanship. We cannot continue to have a wide open, unprotected border with so-called, “sanctuary cities,” blatantly ignoring federal law and putting our citizens in danger. We must build the wall, ban sanctuary cities by withholding federal support, and reform our asylum system. At the same time, as unhinged liberals call for the dissolution of ICE, we must redouble our support for the men and women at the front lines on the fight at the border. While they leave their families every morning, risking their lives to protect our country’s security, it is unacceptable to have a Congress that isn’t willing to provide them the funding, support, and equipment they need to do their jobs and protect our country.
The Lowcountry is home to many veterans and active duty members of the military and they deserve a representative that is ready to fight in the halls of Congress to get these patriots the care and resources they need when they’ve completed their service to America. While these brave men and women were willing to make the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms in lands far from home, they are returning to a VA system that is still out of date and not providing the service to our veterans that we should be demanding. The White House has made great progress at providing further opportunities to our veterans to ease their reentry into civilian life, but Congress must also act to provide the funding needed to bring these programs into full effect. It is unacceptable that there are countless veterans facing homelessness, joblessness, and inability to get healthcare access from our government, and it is time that the Lowcountry’s voice in Congress fights effectively to bring these issues to the forefront of the conversation in Washington.
We are in a time where far-left radicals across the country are attempting to make wide-ranging gun grabs from law-abiding Americans. I know that the 2nd Amendment is our first line of defense, and I will never bow down to liberal special interests while I fight to protect our right to keep and bear arms.
President Trump and the Republican Congress brought nearly all Americans tax reform that gave them reductions in their tax bill or bonuses from their employers. While it was a historic accomplishment, there is more that Congress must do, and as the representative for the Lowcountry I’ll fight to further cut taxes for middle class families. At the same time, I will enthusiastically support the President and his Administration in continuing to slash regulatory red tape and cut needless spending in the federal government’s budget. As the Swamp continues to pass higher spending bills, I’ll fight to pass a balanced budget amendment requiring the federal government to do what they expect of everyone in the Lowcountry—to spend within their means. There are incredible amounts of waste and red tape that are hampering our free market from doing what it does best: unleashing the American economy to allow our companies to further increase wages and opportunities across the Palmetto State.
Congress must get rid of the failure that has been and continues to be Obamacare, while providing a free market solution that will truly bring down healthcare costs. By opening markets to allow insurance sales across state lines and continuing to cut regulatory red tape, costs for both premiums and prescriptions will decrease. I trust South Carolinians to make their own choices when it comes to their healthcare, while also believing that we must ensure coverage for those with preexisting conditions. The solution to this is not government-controlled, universal healthcare that will double taxes on the citizens of the Lowcountry, strip them of the right to make their own healthcare choices, and keep their employer’s insurance. Obamacare and its next step, so-called “Medicare-for-All,” are killing our economy, our world-class medical innovation, and our citizens. It’s time to elect people to Congress that will step up and do the hard work to bring costs down in our healthcare system. The people of the Lowcountry deserve a healthcare system and a member of Congress that works for them.